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What is the Average Salary in the Singapore?

What is the Average Salary in the Singapore?

Looking for a job in Singapore? What is the average salary that you can expect in the country? But before figures of the average salary in the Singapore are mentioned, you need to understand that your average job salaries depend on the type of job you do and your position. You cannot expect the same average job salaries for all fields of work. For instance if you work in an IT firm as a financial manager, your average salary would be different from the average salary of a financial manager working in a hospitality management industry.

Below you will see the average salary of each different job type.

Below you will see the average salary by Years Experience.

In conclusion, it would be right to say that it is very difficult to point out what is the annual average salary of Singapore. What you can guess is the average salary of a particular position in a particular department. That would be the right way to seek jobs. For instance, if you have completed your field of study in Electronic engineering, seek job in Postal Department to get better pay than Computer Industry.

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